Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marijuana legalization

It's an exciting time for marijuana legalization. Today Colorado approved marijuana use for any purpose, including recreational. No matter what side of this issue you're on, this issue is the perennial states' rights vs. federalism debate.

I have a hard time reading the populace's views on marijuana. The majority of the US is pro-legalization. Yet, Gary Johnson (the prominently pro-marijuana Libertarian candidate) got only 1.0% of the vote nationwide. Yet, today the majority of Colorado's voters are pro legalization for any purpose.

Is there anything special about Colorado? In Colorado Gary Johnson got 1.3%, which is above the national average but nothing special. Other states got a much higher percentage -- New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Missouri, and Arkansas being some. What's the deal here?

If you're pro-legalization, your job was to vote for Gary Johnson if you're not in a swing state. If you're in a state that always votes for a specific party, you'd be "throwing away" your vote if you vote for anyone else. This is a blessing because it lets you vote your conscience. If you're pro-marijuana, voting for a third party (and in particular Gary Johnson) was your best bet to make a difference.

I believe pot has an unfair and unfounded bad rep with the federal government. Today Colorado's stance on marijuana today directly contradicts the federal law. Colorado will need all the help they can get to make their voice "stick." Let's support them. Let's also support a similar measure in our state.

I am confident that through our collective effort, marijuana nationwide (or at least in many states) will become legal within my lifetime. Help me make it happen.