Monday, November 19, 2012

Free hosting of Shared Usage Alerter

I just had a thought. I need access to shared/family plan account-holder credentials on various cell networks, so I can integrate my Shared Usage Alerter with every mobile provider. You need a convenient way to be alerted of upcoming overages that your kiddos will subject your wallet to.

Here's a deal you can't refuse. Allow me access to your shared/family plan, and I'll run an instance of my Shared Usage Alerter for you, indefinitely, at no charge. Your credentials will live on my Linux server, surrounded by high security. The server will retrieve your usage information nightly, analyze it, and send coaching (warnings) to you and/or the usage offenders. No more overages! Now there's no excuse! "I didn't know" will not fly anymore.

(This is a best-effort offer. It's possible that some mobile providers make it too difficult or literally impossible to collect usage statistics from their web site. Also, this offer applies only if I know [of] you.)