Friday, May 3, 2013

O'Reilly's one-day massive sale

As you may know, I am a big fan of O'Reilly Media, a premier publisher for technical literature. I am a member of their Bloggers program, giving me an opportunity to read new ebooks and review them. I am also a member of their affiliate program, giving me a small cut if you buy anything through the below link.

Save 50% on all Ebooks and Videos to celebrate Day Against DRM

Today, O'Reilly is having a massive sale on ebooks, in celebration of the Day Against DRM. O'Reilly, along with many other ebook publishers, had at one point made the difficult decision to not use any Digital Rights Management on their ebooks. This is a massive win for the consumer, and only an arguable win for the publisher, so I am grateful to O'Reilly for doing this.

The sale lasts today only!

Check out the multitude of technical books and videos and learn something new today!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mac or Windows?

My new employer wants me to choose between a 13" MacBook Pro and a Lenovo machine running Windows. (That's all the specs I have.)

I've never used a Mac, beyond my brief, awkward experiences in tech stores where I try to interact with a Mac, get frustrated with how unusual things are, and walk away. (And this is after using Linux on the desktop for 10 years and leaving for Windows' greener pastures.) But the incredible popularity of MacOS X  -- and the neverending stream of defections from Windows -- is strong evidence that the Mac is worth learning.

Should I take the plunge, or should I stick with Windows?

This would be for web development, with actual development being on remote Linux servers. The machine would interface with the servers using sshfs or Samba.