Friday, November 16, 2012

Emma Wallace, one of my favorite indie artists

Thanks to my lifetime Magnatune membership, I get to explore, discover, and end up owning a lot of music that I would never hear on mainstream radio. This summer I surreptitiously promoted Magnatune to my high school students by playing some of my favorite albums during non-lecture times.

Magnatune is how I discovered Emma Wallace. She has three albums published there. In her own words, she is "a maker of songs for those wearing rose-colored glasses, those who love life and happy endings." To date, I've spent probably at least 24 hours listening to her music, and it hasn't gotten old yet. Her songs flow so easily and are so catchy that I am surprised she's not much more popular than she is. I almost never care about the lyrics of songs that I like, focusing much more on the music, but even in the lyrics department Emma Wallace's songs are a hit.

Here are two YouTube videos of the live performances of two songs I particularly like:
But in my opinion her recorded versions sound much better. Magnatune lets you listen to her songs without limit, but with an audible watermark. Check her out: "A Reason to Stay Up all Night" by Emma Wallace. Enjoy!