Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A great smoothie

Tonight I made a great smoothie! It's even vegan. Here's the ingredient list:
  • 5 parts frozen strawberries
  • 3 parts baby bellpeppers, leaving the seeds in.
  • 3 parts rice milk, or as desired for consistency
  • 2 parts raw carrot
  • 1 part celery
  • 1 part pitted dates (I don't think this made a difference, but I have a package of them and wanted to put them to good use.)
(All parts are measured by volume and are very approximate. All ingredients are from Costco.)

The bellpeppers are key to this smoothie! They imparted an amazing fragrance and flavor! Costco sells these in 3-lb bags, and I use them everywhere with great results.

Please share with me any vegetarian or vegan recipe that you enjoy. I am always on the lookout.