Monday, July 9, 2012

A great blender is a thing to behold

After over a year of mulling it over, I bought an expensive blender yesterday.

Since then, I used it no less than 10 times with spectacular results. Fruit smoothies come out great, and cashew butter is surprisingly delicious.

A recipe I made today, for posterity:
  • a leaf of kale;
  • red grapes;
  • three clementines;
  • two cups spinach;
  • two tablespoons honey;
  • water.
It ended up very creamy, with almost a stout-like head, yet delightfully light! The sweetness was just enough to enjoy it, and the taste was more complex than regular fruit smoothies. I could taste the greens without being overwhelmed by them. I downed three full glasses of this smoothie.

The fridge now has a bunch of fruits and veggies, all ready for blending. I'd love to consume enough to buy them from Costco without waste.

I am excited about the possibilities!