Saturday, September 29, 2012

RealCalc app for Android

Were you fortunate enough to learn Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) in high school or in college? I learned RPN in high school, for University Interscholastic League competitions. RPN is a more powerful and more predictable method of inputting expressions into a calculator. Imagine: no more parentheses, no more memory add/recall, and the ability to solve equations of arbitrary complexity in one fell swoop!

Very few handheld calculators support RPN, so it was difficult to dip your toes into RPN to see if you like it. Today it's easier than ever! Android has an app called RealCalc that allows both regular way of entering expressions and RPN! Beyond supporting RPN, it also has a nice list of constants and conversions for many disciplines (such as gravitational constant, Avogadro's number, elementary charge, and many more), and it's even aesthetically pleasing. And today only, it's on sale for just 25¢!

Give it a chance. It opens new horizons, and it makes using a calculator fun!