Monday, February 18, 2013

Job listings' priorities

Searching Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 for various skills, it looks like specifying a programming language is much more common than specifying a toolkit or framework:
  • "wpf": 1 job
  • "wcf": 1 job
  • "entity": 0 jobs
  • "swt": 0 jobs
  • "javafx": 0 jobs
  • "qt": 0 jobs
  • "win32": 0 jobs
  • "gtk": 0 jobs
  • "cuda": 0 jobs
  • "django": 8 jobs
  • "spring": 7 jobs
  • "c++": 34 jobs
  • "java": 66 jobs
And looking through the language matches, it seems that many of them don't specify what frameworks or toolkits are in use. That's weird to me, because for me a language is easier to pick up than a toolkit/framework. (Objectively, some of these toolkits are way bigger than a mere programming language and its standard library.)

Plus, specifying a toolkit/framework is much more descriptive than merely specifying the language. When you see a job for "C++", you still have very little idea of what it involves. It might be server code, it might be a GUI program, or it might be an operating system. A bit less so for Java, but still Java is used in a wide variety of applications. But a choice of toolkit usually reveals a lot more.