Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vegetarians at Subway get the short end of the stick

I like Subway for its value. Certain footlongs are just $5 year-round. Then they introduced a Sandwich of the Month, where a certain normally-higher-priced footlong becomes $5 for a month. Now they lowered the price on two of their six-inch subs to just $2. That's pretty incredible.

But vegetarians at Subway get the short end of the stick. There's exactly one vegetarian sub at most locations: the Veggie Delite. This sandwich, with its delicious-sounding name, is priced the same as many other sandwiches, including Cold Cut Trio, Spicy Italian, and Meatballs. But Veggie Delite is simply one of those sandwiches... minus the meat.

So take a Spicy Italian, with its tasty meats that comprise more than half of the sandwich's innards by weight. Then take out the meat and reserve it for the next customer. Then don't lower the price. That's not a recipe for happiness.

The situation reminds me of a TV commercial for Whataburger in the early 2000s. It portrays a caricature of the typical burger joint, with a disinterested waitress bringing a family their burgers. The father pipes up, "I asked for no mayo." The bored waitress rolls her eyes, takes off the top bun (with the mayo on it), wipes it on the corner of the table, and plops it back on the poor guy's burger. That one always made me laugh.

Subway is getting its act together on this and introducing some fare for vegetarians and vegans worth paying for. But it's not here yet, and may never get rolled out if the pilot isn't to Subway's satisfaction.

In contrast, Which Wich has great vegetarian and vegan options, such as bean-based spiced patties. Too bad the closest one is 30 miles away.